Tracked Crane RK 36/2400

The compact crawler chassis of the RK 36/2400 ensures an extremely secure traction and ground contact. Furthermore the soil pressure is evenly distributed on any surface. Even on gravel, sand or water smooth lawn the RK 36/2400 is able to work with payloads of up to 2,400 kg without any problem.  

Due to a powerful diesel engine, the tracked crane has enough capacity in reserve in any situation. To guarantee a noiseless and emission-free operation 

Trailer Cranes at a glance


Truck Crane AK 37/4000

The Böcker truck crane AK 37/4000 PLC sets new standards among aluminium-steel hybrid truck cranes up to 7.49t gross vehicle weight. Having a maximum payload of four tons as well as extensions lengths up to 37m this crane is perfectly suitable even for challenging tasks during the daily work on a construction site. 

Due to outstanding lateral working ranges the truck crane AK 37/4000 PLC easily lifts loads even to the rear side of the roof. The sophisticated PLC Control ensures that even enormous loads can be transported exactly and safely to the respective place of destination. Each of the four telescopic outriggers can be controlled separately so that the crane can be idealy adapted to the situation on-site. 


Truck Crane AK 46/6000

With a payload of up to 6t, the AK 46/6000 provides customers with a strong combination of performance, enormous working ranges and surpassing efficiency. Having a maximum extension length of 44m, this model surpasses all the other Böcker truck cranes. By assembling a mechanical extension which is easily fixed by two bolts, this crane can even be extended up to a maximum length of 46m. Having a maximum range of 39m with 250kg or 26m with 1,000kg payload, this crane equally impresses by an extremely large working area. Upon request, this crane is available as ahy-version having a hydraulically extendible jib.

Beside unrivalled surpassing performance data, enormous efficiency and surpassing agility during daily operations are further key advantages of the truck crane 46/6000PLC. The comparatively low body weight permits the assembly on an 18 or 26t truck. The AK 46/6000 PLC therefore not only impresses by low dead weight and favorable consumption data. The crane is also extremely agile thanks to its compact and lightweight construction.


Truck Crane AK 52

outstanding reach for loads to 12 tons

With a maximum payload of 12t, a boom length of 52m (opt. 55m) and an outstanding reach, the Böcker crane AK 52 sets new standards in the 26t class as 3-axle and in the 32t class as 4-axle. The probably most powerful crane in aluminium-steel design on the market can lift 3,000kg on 31m with a reach of 17m.

The radio-controlled and fully hydraulically extendable jib can carry a weight of up to one ton, even in horizontal and extended positions. To make for even more efficient work, the jib can be extended in any boom position with loads of up to one ton or a loaded work basket attached thanks to powerful cylinder technology.

Despite its huge performance, the rear-axle steering on the AK 52 makes it extremely manoeuvrable and furnishes it with excellent driving characteristics. Thanks to its compact design and small slewing radius, it is also very flexible in tight spaces. Even when the maximum reach is attained, the swing-through radius is only 2.2m, and the A-frame protrudes no more than 0.9m beyond the frame of the carrier vehicle, because the crane does not need to be equipped with retractable counterweights.

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